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Originally Posted by KaineMaxwell View Post

I think Ubisoft's "Micheal Jackson Experience" had the largest booth spot.
Actually, it was IBM's gaming zone that had the largest...

Personally, I came for the comics, and my fiance was more into the anime. This was my first time cosplaying and it was a nightmare trying to push through crowds while making sure my costume didn't fall apart. Last year, we only went to NYCC, and it was nice. Busy, but you were able to move!

I was disappointed in the sheer mass numbers that were there and the layout. The comic side was super commercial, more than last year's. I couldn't even get a glimpse of any of the games and things I wanted to see because of the crowds flocking it. Heck, I wanted to look at the Red Dead Redemption DLC all day and that line was just too nuts to wait in. Last year, there were no lines to try games, and I was able to play some multiple times, which included really big titles too.

We were actually surprised with the anime area as well. It was small, and the artist alley was so cut off that even my friends had no idea where it was and we stumbled upon it accidentally. The funny thing was, despite the fact that I'm not a big anime fan, we had more fun hanging out in the anime side than the comic con. Less crowds, more fun people, and less hectic. But then again, the comic artist alley was pretty mild too. I think everyone crammed into that one mega vendor room and forgot to look around at the other areas.

The only good thing I'll give them is that the panels hall was organized MUCH better than last years NYCC.


Another thing to keep in mind is that the Big Apple Comic Con set the same dates as NYCC/NYAF months ago to directly compete with the con. They did this to the same company that runs NYCC/AF in Chicago and even lied about who they were having attend their convention. Eventually, the dates were changed, but I don't doubt that Reeds (the company that runs NYCC/AF) felt as though they had to get some big hitters and names in order to draw attention away from BACC stealing their thunder.

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