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At the 2009 NYCC, I got to take photos with the actors from fringe, see all the video game panels, and meet Eve Myles from Torchwood. At this one, you couldn't even approach the actors or celebrities without a ticket that cost almost as much as your ticket to the show. I'm looking at other people's photos and wondering if they went to the same show as me. I didn't get to see the Isaac costume being marketed by Dead Space 2, nor did I get a chance to actually speak to any of the artists. Last year there was some sense of it being a personal event--you got to meet these stars of the comic world, and actually speak to them about their work. Fact of the matter is, combining NYCC with NYAF not only caused one to overshadow the other, but it made for a bad convention in general. Last year I got a sense that I was meeting with fellow fans. This year it felt like being shoveled into a giant shopping mall--the only entertainment came from shelling out more cash.

Also, 5 other people had the same costume as me, and I was only able to approach one of them due to the crazy crowds.

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