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I agree with pretty much everything that has been said. I bought a weekend pass thinking it would be like the years before when I had attended NYAF (and had enjoyed it so much that I never wanted to go home), but this year was not the same. I knew there would be changes to it since it was combined with NYCC, but I didn't imagine it being like this. Putting aside the fact that there almost was no "NYAF" since it was cramped into tiny spaces and no one could move 1/2 inch without bumping into someone, the crowd/community was also different. Usually cosplayers are the "main" crowd, and then there is a tiny group of people not cosplaying. But this year, it seemed like cosplayers were the "small" group. Even the shuttle bus that my friend and I took back to grand central had no cosplayers except for ourselves. All in all, I ended up wasting my weekend pass and not going today because my partner was too exhausted from yesterday (as she rightly should have) and both of us didn't want to deal with those stressful crowds again the next day. I'm just sad that I wasn't able to enjoy myself nearly as much as last year, but that doesn't mean there weren't good moments as well!

My final opinion, NYAF and NYCC are something that shouldn't be combined. Fans of NYAF or NYCC having been going to either or and even both before this year, so they should remain separate as always.

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