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Originally Posted by mrgetalife View Post
And its not that there wasn't much cosplay. It was very hard to shoot or find it because of the crowd. The ones you did find in the open were people working with photographers already in shoots.
I apologize for going with a lot of experiences mostly from Comic-Con (I never can make it to Anime Fest), but I had this problem too last year. Again, crowds. Saturday. It happens at every convention. If you wanna find cosplayers, you keep on walking around and see if they're towards the lower floors. I found tons of cosplay; trying to take a pic was a different story, but it's not the end of the world either. If you can run into them that's great, if not oh well. There's other cosplayers.

Originally Posted by mrgetalife View Post
The construction going on also didn't help the looks.
There's always construction. Welcome to New York.

Originally Posted by dreamoflife02 View Post
Okay, but there were about four manga booths total. I was looking for four or five different series-- and not obscure ones, either-- and couldn't find anything I wanted. Usually at anime conventions there are TONS of different places to look. I'm not saying there's no overlap, and I'm not saying anime conventions never have unrelated stuff, but I'd say that the dealer's room was 90% non-anime.
Okay 90%? Were we at the same convention? I saw at least 15 or so booths of anime stuff, or anime related merchandise (cosplay, hats, body pillows for God's sake, etc). I'm sorry you couldn't find what you had wanted, but this isn't Wal-Mart. Maybe they sold out or just didn't carry the series in their inventory ::shrug::.
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