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holy crap all i can say if shove, push and dodge much? it was just way too crowded so it made it unbereable to even want to step into the dealers room where you could not even walk single file cause of the huge mess there was in the anime area.

like someone else said. nyaf seem like it was just a little corner of the con and that made me kinda sad since thats what i went for.... there was fairly little on vendors for anime. it took me a while on friday to even figure out where the anime stuff was! i thought it might be on a different floor since i couldnt even find any of it...

im not going next year anyways cause of something i have planned but damn they need to do something cause nyaf was really just overshadowed by everything else....

p.s. if you want to give freebies to ppl next year give soap out... not tooth paste...
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