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I was disappointed with this convention on many levels. It felt like NYAF was eaten by Comic Con. I don't particular have any interest in comic books and the whole reason I came to the con was because of 'New York Anime Festival'. But upon arrival, I got lost looking for anything Anime related, all the signs besides the artist alley said COMIC CON. I tried to look at the maps they have at registration but it was completely confusing and we just tried to explore to figure things out.

The anime dealers were put in the most obnoxious spot possible. On sunday I was getting shoved and elbowed on many occasions rudely by angry con attendees. I didn't want to set foot back in the dealers room until the last hour of the con on sunday. The aisles were too narrow for the amount of people going through it.

If it ever is combined again I won't go because NYAF has become a frustrating convention for an anime only fan to attend. It's too crowded and poorly organized. It basically felt like I paid for Comic Con rather than NYAF.
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