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Originally Posted by snowkirby View Post
Again, crowds. Saturday. It happens at every convention. If you wanna find cosplayers, you keep on walking around and see if they're towards the lower floors. I found tons of cosplay; trying to take a pic was a different story, but it's not the end of the world either. If you can run into them that's great, if not oh well. There's other cosplayers.
You're obviously outnumbered as far as experience, so stop being so argumentative and accept that the rest of us did not enjoy the con like you did. I've been going to cons since 2003, and I've been to over 20. This was the most crowded one I've ever been to, and the least populated by cosplayers. The anime merchandise we massively lacking.

On top of that, the men at the con were the creepiest I've ever encountered. Men took my picture without asking, some of the back of me, and many just wanted to get their picture taken with me and had no clue who I was cosplaying. Some people just came up to me, looked me right in the eye and commented on my body.

I went there because I like comics, cartoons and anime. I left hoping to never got back again.
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