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I wished that Comic Con and NYAF didn't combine. My friend and I spent countless hours just trying to find the anime section of the dealers room and were surprised that it was pushed all the way into the back of CC. It doesn't help that the staff didn't even know where everything is. It was so crowded on Saturday and I wasn't able to move around much. I also walked around in cosplay and so many con goers were stepping on my dress and didn't apologize. This one kid at the CC entrance almost ripped my dress because he wouldn't take his foot off my dress no matter how nicely I asked. Not to mention he stepped on my dress on purpose because I saw him walking past me and then came back to trample on my cosplay. When he finally stopped after I threatened to get the con security, he gave me a look and mockingly said "sorry".

If only it was just NYAF, I would have been much happier. I've never experienced such rude people throughout my years of cosplaying at conventions except for this one.

I paid for NYAF and everything seemed to be overrun by Comic Con. Sorry to say but anime conventions should really be separated from comic/video game conventions. It just doesn't mix well.
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