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Originally Posted by MagentaFox View Post
You're obviously outnumbered as far as experience, so stop being so argumentative and accept that the rest of us did not enjoy the con like you did. I've been going to cons since 2003, and I've been to over 20. This was the most crowded one I've ever been to, and the least populated by cosplayers. The anime merchandise we massively lacking.

On top of that, the men at the con were the creepiest I've ever encountered. Men took my picture without asking, some of the back of me, and many just wanted to get their picture taken with me and had no clue who I was cosplaying. Some people just came up to me, looked me right in the eye and commented on my body.

I went there because I like comics, cartoons and anime. I left hoping to never got back again.
I have to agree on this. I've been to NYAF and NYCC every year since 2007 (the birth of NYAF) and this was the worst of either.
NYAF every year leading up was crazy fun, I never wanted to leave even when it was congested.
NYCC every year, even with the comic books I still had a great time with no problems until this year.

I'd honestly rather them cancel NYAF and have it just be NYCC if it's going to be like this. There was about as much anime at NYAF/NYCC as there has always been at NYCC in it's previous years. And what was that huge room dedicated to IBM? A big waste of a lot of space that could have been used to clear up foot traffic.

The difference is mainly that in all the previous years people have gone knowing what kind of con they were going to. NYAF was fun and random and everyone was crazy and friendly.
NYCC was always expected to be fun, but on a more serious side with a lot more adults attending and a higher expectation of maturity to go along with that.

Instead what we got was angry and confused crowds coming in with no idea what to expect, trying to preserve their con experience with little regard to the people around them.

TL;DR: It is possible to both have a great time and have complaints about the event at once. If I had paid for my ticket, I would probably have been totally pissed off.
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