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Originally Posted by Big appleton View Post
Not only is the dealer's room traffic a standstilll, the size of the anime-related portion of the con is minimal compared with the magnitude of it's comic counterpart.

I must also add the "helpfulness" of the staff and volunteer as well. When I went to AnimeNext, the staff and volunteers were to go to guys for event location and schedule, but for NYAF/NYCC, they all give different answers when asked the location of a panel, some of them also tends to be on the stubborn rude side as well, not giving a crap about you or trying to find excuses to kick you out and taking your badges >.>
Truth. They were VERY good there. And this Sunday, I managed to come up the stairs from bag check and catch a group of people doing dances and stuff, so I decided to join them. They were a pretty cool group of people, and didn't seem to mind me being there ( at least I hope ) Songs were played, and if anyone from the little group knew the dance to it, they went out a little and did it. There was almost always a crowd of people ( nothing too big though. By no means were they blocking traffic ) and they all seemed to enjoy it. Cameras/people recording everywhere. Then somwhere down the line, a cop came and broke it up, and staff threatened to kick us out ( meanwhile, the people I were with told me they did this Friday and Saturday just fine. They did it on Saturday...seriously? That was the most crowded day. And Sunday was the last day anyway. Friggin morons... ) We come to a convention to unite with common interests, and this is what they do to us ( we were all cosplaying anime characters too. I imagine it was some comic con moron who couldn't appreciate us -.- )

The whole combination thing was a joke. WAY too many people on Saturday. I gave up on going places and because of that, I couldn't even make my way to any panels I wanted to attend. I didn't like the fact that there weren't all too many anime dealers. I actually found a stand with a CRAP load of cheap anime cards ( some tcgs I don't play, I just collect the cards and draw from them ) and I couldn't find it again. The staff didn't really have their stuff together at points. Hell, even this guy at the Bandai booth failed at knowing autograph signings. And don't even get me started about how two guests that were announced on the page were hidden in the funimation booth. QUITE pissed about that.

Basically, it was just like "Let's drown out what 15% of the people like, and flood it 85% more of what most tri-staters/New Yorkers are into." For the love of god, I saw so many Star Trek-ers/people wearing Star Trek shirts it wasn't even funny. I'm suprised I got as much attention as I did in my two cosplay costumes on Friday and Saturday ( very few Sunday ) I hope to GOD they don't shut NYAF down. It deserves another shot. And on it's own this time. Last year was so pleasant. Room to breathe no matter where you went. And I probably woulda been able to do more stuff if it had been the same way it was last year ( which I was hoping it would be, even with NYCC. I thought they were gunna seperate it by floors or something. BOY was I wrong )

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