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I just wanted to announce to everyone it is officially one year today since I started getting in shape and changing my life for the better. What was supposed to be a three month goal has become a life changing moment helping myself, others, and becoming an overall happier, healthier, individual. I really hope my example will motivate and guide others into a more healthier and active lifestyle. At the very least, you can get a sweet six pack out of the deal.

Some particulars I would like to thank are andy_lee08, we haven't heard a word form her in a long time, but last I checked she is happily married to the man of her dreams in the grand state of Texas. SamuriSmurfX For encouraging me to switch things up. Giant Alucard for being one of the other proud beach body vets around here. PhDPepper for being an overall motivator, more than he realizes. Rjr3412 you are always helpful on these forums! Em1nAI you are my idol for nutritional discipline! Seriously you and I could take on Gandhi in a contest of willpower. And of course, Distantarray how could I leave you out? you are like a human wiki, but you know with an actual sense of humor. You weren't afraid to point out my mistakes as well as others. And your advice was always set to simple and strait-forward. You have wrote so many helpful threads and I hope you continue to.

And to everyone else, whether you are a new member or old trying to get fit, we're here to help! Thanks everyone for everything you have given me.
My workout
What to eat

I'm not a trained nutritionist/fitness instructor. But I hope to give you any help I can. PM me If you want someone to coach you.
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