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I don't know about everyone else, but this con completely turned me off from going back to another one ever again. While my friends and I did have a blast on Saturday just hanging out with each other, it was far too busy. And here is a few reasons why it sucked:

1- I actually have bruises from people shoving me around, and even though I am a small person and can understand being overlooked, there is no excuse for the way some people tried to get past us when we were standing still as close to a wall as we could get. Not to mention I shouldn't have to scream to alert two people that they sandwiched me between their insanely overstuffed backpacks.

2- The security people were also insanely rude to us as well. A friend was buying something at a booth as they announced the floor was closing on Saturday and they tried to force him out, even though the booth owner clearly told them that they were paying and would leave as soon as the transaction was over. We also had another friend physically stopped and screamed at by a woman even though we were right behind her trying to get to him so we could leave. There was also a time when we were grabbing our bags to leave and they came and rather loudly told us to leave, even though we had just said we were leaving and thus why we were picking up our bags and pushing the chairs back to the table.

3- It was far too much shoved into such a small area with too many people in my opinion, and while we had fun we could have done the same basic thing at home without the bruises and injuries.

That's just my two cents though, but this con most likely will never be added to my list again even though we were so excited to go.. :/

Shorter version:
1- Less people
2- Nicer staff needed
3- More space needed.
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