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Honestly, I loved it. I was at NYCC last year and the crowds weren't anything new.

Fire Hazard? Its the Javitz center. I've been to other shows and cons there that had more people crammed in. Seriously. Construction, crowds, people complaining about lewdness. Its NYC. Seriously... NYCC took in 70k attendees last year alone.

Also, if you really want to complain, use Google and look up, "Wizard competes with Reeds". The reason this one was so over commercialized is because of Wizard setting up another comic con a few blocks away that was on the same weekend and Reeds needed to outdo them to not lose ticket sales before Wizard lost and moved the date of their con.

Ignorant and blind complaining won't do much, and that's all I'm seeing. I understand that people will nag and complain about every little thing given the chance, but despite the crowds, it was a blast, imo. If you don't like it, then don't go. Its as simple as that. Plus, since this was the first year it was combined, it was a learning curve. I'm sure next years will not be as hectic. But, none of you people are even bothering to consider the other side or the long term. You don't like it, you're complaining, and petitioning without even thinking of WHY it was the way it was.
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