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Originally Posted by PartTimeProphet View Post
But were those shows full of people in costume? People in full suits of armor, Trinity Blood cosplays, etc? Or people with baby strollers? Not to mention it wasn't just the people total, but the people crammed into the tiny venues. Did you see the dealer's room? The vendor booths really take away from the amount of space in the room itself, so combine that with the crowd and it's a disaster. I was in there with my friend who was cosplaying Seth Nightroad from Trinity Blood and I was literally knocked down trying to turn a corner.

I'm just saying that it should have been separated. And like many people have said, there are CC fans that don't like anime and AF fans that don't like American comic books. Why force them to share the same rooms? There should have been a more clear division if the cons were to be merged. Even though the AF section would have been much smaller than the CC section, I'd still have preferred that because I've been to SEVERAL anime/gaming cons and I have to say ComicCon fans are a lot ruder than normal con-goers, mostly because a lot of them are just slightly nerdy normies.
You go to the Auto Show there and you tell me which is worse. The cramming is 10x more terrible. The lines are horrible. You can't take any pictures without someone shoving into you and strollers are a hazard as well. No fursuits, but cars taking up tons of space.

I went for the comics, my fiance went for the anime. We share an interest in BOTH. MANY people do. Most of my friends are the same. They swooned over Green Lantern comics, then ran to the Anime Artist Alley to buy prints. So, that is a very ignorant statement of yours. Its geekdom and pop-culture in general, at this point, and that is what the con was trying to push: Geekdom as a whole. Otherwise why the hell would there even be video games there? Why would Dr. Who be there? It doesn't matter. Its a mutual love for fandoms and all things awesome and geeky.

And you saying that the comic con fans are ruder is again, ignorant and stereotypical. There are so many things that can be said about anime con-goers, which are wrong and biased. You should embrace your fellow geeks rather than separate and shun.
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