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Originally Posted by PartTimeProphet View Post
I have to say ComicCon fans are a lot ruder than normal con-goers, mostly because a lot of them are just slightly nerdy normies.
I have to say something about this.

I have also been to SEVERAL anime/gaming AND comic conventions, and I have to say that, in MY experiences, people that go to anime conventions are much ruder, destructive, ignorant, cruel, immature and more difficult to deal with than comic fans.

And also, what on earth does "normies" even mean? o.6 Most people who go to comic conventions are there to buy art, meet famous artists, get signatures, buy comic books or swag, things related to a hobby that (many) of them sink thousands of dollars into. So I wouldn't call that "slightly nerdy" in any way.

Idunno. I think you have to understand both sides of the coin before you go burning the others at the stake so to speak.

It was an economical choice to hold both conventions together, one that turned out to the advantage of nearly every dealer and artist I spoke with. Sales were through the roof, and yes there were shortcomings that can potentially be revisited in the future. There are always hiccups in an operation when a huge change has occurred. I still think the combination was a success, as was the decision to separate Anime Artist Alley from Comic Artist Alley. It made sense to put the HUGE displays that cost the most money by the doors, because that is what those promoters paid for. I just wish that there had been a more effective way to keep the anime dealers together and separated a bit more from the comic/other dealers, but with the available room they had, I don't think there was much of a better alternative than what they did.
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