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NYAF was a huge disappointment to me. I was actually excited for the both to be combined, but I was hoping for it to be more 50/50. But, obviously it wasn't.

there was too many people there, and like someone said up above, I have bruises from being pushed and shoved. Even the photoshoot gatherings didn't have enough space to actually take pictures because of the amount of people there.

Another thing was the lack of knowledge from staff volunteer people.

Friday I kept asking where the NYAF artist ally was, and I got led to the NYCC one. I found my way though after asking more people. That was slightly stressful.

then on Saturday, when I asked about a Lost and Found, I was told by a volunteer there wasn't one, but I ended up discovering there was. Which in the long run made me angry, but I found a lost and found, sadly what was lost was not found. A wig, and a tripod.

It was so crowded, and I noticed that half of my friends who did get badges, actually didn't go and carry the badge around with them because it wasn't really checked at all.

I had mine attached to my belt loop on a ayabie lanyard. and then the badge itself was stuffed in my pocket. I was only asked once where it was.

So a lot of people got into the con for free, maybe it'd because of how much people were there.

Either way, crowd control was horrible.

Once again as someone said, saturday is usually the funnest. Friday was the most enjoyable for me.

It was a big disappointment, and a waste of money.

oh well.


Also note, I enjoyed the Comic Con aspect of it too, I just wish it was more evened out.
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