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Name of Commissioner: Uniquecreator
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game: Infel from Ar Tonelico II
Reference pictures:
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: full length:
Timeline: About 3 months

Describe your Experience.

Pros: Good communication. Very nice and pleasant person to deal with. She worked with me on what exact color I wanted to use and the style. I asked for it to be the color from the second reference picture and the color turned out perfect. The sizing was good, not too small. Quality is great.

Cons: The head piece was too big and heavy. I had to use a wig for this so it ended up pulling the wig down a lot. It took about a half hour just to get it to stay on straight. Then it was too tall so it looked a little awkward. A major issue I had was that this was suppose to be a two piece thing like in the third picture. The second picture just was suppose to be used as a reference to the color and the flow style. I thought I had made it clear that it was the dress and the skirt underneath where the dress split. Though I may have not.

Over all it was a very pretty dress, though due to the problems I had above I have to give the grade I gave. I love it, I just was a little disappointed that it was not more accurate for the price I paid. ;~; Also at the con I got ink on it... WAAAH, but thats no ones fault but the person who left a broken pen near my costume XD

Final Grade: B+
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