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So I really wanted to do a Sailor Mars costume, because I already had a wig and shoes, but my friend about a couple days ago drops the bomb on me that she wants to do a Sailor Mars cosplay. :/ In my head I was like "Noooo!" but its always been her favorite character apparently, so I just didn't even tell er I wanted to do it. And the reason why I can't is we cosplay together all the time now, and it'd be weird with 2 of them. And she wanted to do it for Katsucon or Anime Boston. So I guess I have to figure out what other one to be. My dad (of all people) thinks I'd make a good Mercury, or rather I'm more like her. I know for a fact I'm not jupiter material. xD

Granted I did do Sailor V but I don't think I would make a good venus (if that makes sense xD)

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