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So anyone that talks to me on Facebook or MSN would know that I am currently putting the finishing touches on my Classic R Brooch and a possible photoshoot this weekend. I'm still a few days away before Sunday so I won't procrastinate too much! I decided to buy a white dress and modify it for a Neo Queen Serenity cosplay but it's proven to be difficult(It's something I'll debut likely for next year!) and I know I have also seen some wedding dresses at the Sears Outlet store I might consider as well.

I will be posting pictures of everything as I find many of you anxiously wanting to check out my school uniform. I bought a second Luna off of Craigslist, my other one that I bought at a con in August is just too massive, but I may have to use her because our mail seems to get here more slowly). I love reading this thread every day because I find it fascinating when Moonies update this thread. My biggest problem is trying to come up with an update to tell everyone. Either way, I'll still e-mail those who are interested to talk to me and I do respond back quite quickly most times.

A few of you are going to be at Sakura Con and I have been trying to figure out if I can get another fellow Moonie to go down to Seattle with. I want to either go by Greyhound or Amtrack to Seattle. I'm not 100% sure of coming but I will work hard. I'm looking forward to returning back to Sakura Con and I've got some other pretty crazy fun things up my sleeve for the con if I'm able to do so. I'm missing Sakura Con so much already. I wanted to go back in 2009 and 2010.

Seeing all the awesome Sailor Moon cosplayers that I would have liked to had met and take picture. Then seeing what Sailor Moon merchandise or Artist Alley makes me want to go there even more next year. XD Also, as many of you may or may have noticed, I put up my Plus Size Eternal Sailor Moon Costume and Wig. I have decided to sell it. So both items are on the Marketplace.

That's about it, I guess :3
I'll update once I am not heavily distracted.
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