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Name of merchant:


Item purchased (please include quantity): one "Color Showgirl" wig (Sepia brand) in hot pink (intended for my own take on "Meltdown" Luka from "Vocaloid")

Timeline (how long your order took to process): ordered October 5, received today (October 14)

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. Due to Cosworx ceasing to offer Sepia's regular line of wigs (and of course the eventual the demise of Cosworx itself) and the recent horror stories I'd been hearing about Amphigory, I sought another source for the wig I needed. My usual go-to alternative wig shop, Wildcat Wigs, did not have that wig or a suitable alternative, so going off a previous (and quite recent) review in this very thread, I went to TheWigs. Overall, not really much to say that the previous review didn't already (though I will warn again that your order may show on the site as "processing" for longer than it should). Except that since- as she said- there aren't many pictures of the wigs, it's a good thing I already had a very specific one in mind and mine really did take nine days to ship with the "cheap" option (not that I needed sooner or anything, just pointing that out). Also, I wouldn't just say it's a good source of natural color wigs, it's also a good source for Sepia wigs and New Look wigs that no longer offers- in any color those wigs come in.

Final Grade: A.

Thank you, TR Rose, for reviewing this site- I might have otherwise never discovered it myself otherwise.
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