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Don't live in Seoul so I don't think I'll have the time to go up for photos;;

However, just like to mention that there's a cafe/community on Naver called CoSaMo (코사모: translated to something like ppl who love cosplay I guess?) who have a gathering in a park every month or so of both cosplayers and photographers.
Photographers have to pay a one-time fee of 5,000 won (I think...) for the name tag and registration, and they require you to post at least 3 of the pictures you took on their website, but there's going to be around few hundred cosplayers, and about 50~60ish photographers.
It's nothing like Seould Comic, which is a convention.
These meeting are just for cosplayers/photographers who want to pose for/take good cosplay photos.
And since it's pretty much a monthly meeting, plenty of chances to take different types of photographs neh?

Since I'm not sure how fluent you are in Korean, might help to have a friend who's fluent in it to help navigate the site, read up on the guidelines for the meetings, and register for the events~

Hope it helps~~

P.S. There's a monthly meeting coming up this Sunday on the 24th, and a special "Fall Edition" on Nov. 4th I think?
Think I'm going to be there for the Fall Edition meeting~~

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