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Red face Ultimate Vega (SF4) cosplay, help with metallic armbands

I'm on my way of making the best Vega (street fighter ) cosplay that you will see in your lifetime.
Vega has been my favorite game character since I started gaming and for a while I wanted to do a costume that would make me look almost exactly like him.

So far I have the mask, the claws ( stainless steel claws), the hair and most important; the physique. (srs)
What I need now are the pants, the shoes, the glove, the red ribbon and last but not least: the metallic armband.

Now I know there probably is a technique to do that but here is where I need you help since I have no clue about materials to use and procedure.

Here is what I want:

The 3 bands, 1 attached to the glove and 2 on the other arm have a certain thickness.
It has to look solid and metallic looking.

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