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Originally Posted by Vchan View Post
I would say chicken wire and papier mache - I've used it before to make a tiara and as long as you paint it well, it looks pretty convincing. Also it gives you the freedom to fiddle with the shape and the details as the wire is very malleable. I'd get the shape right first before using the papier mache as once you start putting the paper and glue on, it becomes rigid.

Also, it's quite light, which is good.
My arms are 16 inches flexed but only 15 not flexed so that will be a problem, it will be loose as soon as my arms are relaxed and on the least movement it might tear up if I move or flex in a motion.

I think Im going somewhere with my strategy for the bands, it will probably me in fact in papier mache but hollow so I can put some sot of cushion in it and make it exceed the bands a little so when I flex I dont tear it up as the cushion will compress inside the bands.
Any recommendation of the material that would serve as a cushion inside? it has to be pretty dense:

I was thinking that kind of material.

How about that?

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