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This should have its own con page imo, so people who don't know about MAX yet don't confuse it as something to do with AX.

Also MAX is probably the best for a lot of newer vendors offering a flat fee per table which includes all the moving, cleaning fees and if you want some extras it does cause a bit extras depending on what you want (islands, special areas) which is normal for companies to do that, but after seeing what Anime Expo is charging for tables after last years fiasco you don't want to be a smaller company who never sold at anime expo now since a 10x10 area will run you like 1,175 per so 2 will be like 2,300 plus anything else they might charge you.

Alumni magically get like 400 bucks off which is good but still with dislike and possible drop in attendance and numbers people will wait and rates do go up but for AX it regardless raises about $75 meaning about $1,200 bucks meaning they can wait, as for MAX starts off as $675, in Jan 1st goes to $725 and after April 1st is $800 but still pretty much cheaper for a new con to charge, but I know everyone will wait to see who gets what guests before they make a decision since everything is up in the air.

I myself will also wait to see who is announced but enjoyed the people at MAX i talked to including the PR, so they do have more a vote of confidence in me, so i told my vendor friends
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