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Originally Posted by Nerieru View Post
Hi, thanks but I can't read Korean that well so I can't join sadly. -__-
So I have no idea how to join or where to meet or anything really ^^;;
If you're interested in going, I'll ask the admins for the event if you can sign up under my name, at least for the November 4th meeting.
(Not sure about other dates, since I don't know which ones I'll attend)
As for directions, if you're ok with riding subways, I'll be happy to tell you how to get to the meeting from where you live, then meet up with you to sign in!

Originally Posted by Magical Machete View Post
Well, then I'll just do it in Seoul ^^

I'll be at the November 4th meeting :3
OOOH~~ See you there then~~
I'll be going as demon Ciel or a character named Kaya from Doll's Requiem (Korean manhwa with lot of pretty drawings lol)
Probably the latter seeing as my lenses aren't here yet...
(was crazy enough to buy the contract lens and red cat eye lens from 9mm, but they're not going get here in time T_T)
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