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Cosplay in the Works.
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Originally Posted by rawrimadinasaur View Post
really? And LUCKY DUCKY!!! im jealous >...< ahaha

me tooooo. i have SOOO many cosplays im trying to make by ax plus 2 to reconsruct -___-
but i think ill managa...maybe
ohhhhhh....YOU SHOULD. yukata's are nice(:
Haha! Thanks, but I wish I lived in Hong Kong again.. ;;

Me too. YAY! Lovin` the cosplay orgy. Haha.. Too many, but you know, you will be able too! I think you can. Haha. I wish my sewing machine would work.

:] Thanks. I just need to find a new one.. DX
My (old) Youtube Channel.

Took a hiatus, now planning on film making! Anyone interested, please private message me or email me. Will be doing cosplay mvs in the near future, based in Oceanside/Carlsbad area.
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