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Cosplay in the Works.
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Originally Posted by rawrimadinasaur View Post
ahaha mhmm

and ooooo. look for the manufacturer and try to send it back there to get it refurbished or something xD
and AWWWWWW. not even a home ec elective? o.o
and oooo. 8th grade ehhhh. meh. high school is WAYYY better xD
:] Ah. /people be so jealous of California.

I could.
Eh. Not here. I live in San Diego county, where we don't.
Actually. I am in 8th and 9th! I attend both a high school and a junior high.
Haha, I figured.
My (old) Youtube Channel.

Took a hiatus, now planning on film making! Anyone interested, please private message me or email me. Will be doing cosplay mvs in the near future, based in Oceanside/Carlsbad area.
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