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Originally Posted by desertsphinx View Post
I'm in England, we don't have sharpies readily avaliable here. I've tried. :\ And I don't think I can get FW ink here either. I shall just have to use the orange wig. I've actually seen plenty of orange wig cosplay I've liked, it's just the NEON-ness of my wig that's bugging me.
I'm pretty sure I've heard of people using things other than FW ink and Sharpies....I think I heard about actual acrylic ink? If you look it up and find something, you might be able to dye it after all, though.

Edit: Also, isn't Tutu's hair orange? I think it's kind of pretty with pink, but then you sacrifice your accuracy. I think (I've never actually seen it before) that if you have the RIGHT color orange, it'd be okay, but you're right, neon orange would be really...bad.
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