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Name of Merchant: Epic Cosplay
I'm fully aware of the partnership between's Shopping and EpicCosplay's wigs. But these wigs were specifically ordered through EpicCosplay's website.

Item purchased (please include quantity):
12" Cocoa Brown Straight Short
22" Dark Pink Long Curly
36" Straight Natural Blonde

Links to picture(s) of your received item: Please excuse the lighting in the photos! They were originally taken under bad lighting and I tried to edit the photos as best as I could without affecting the wig colors so much!
Cococa Brown wig
Dark pink wig
Natural blonde wig

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Ordered on the Oct. 14th and received the wigs on the 19th!
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.:

•Pros: The shipping was quick even though there was a small delay. I had originally wanted to buy 40" Dark Pink Curly Wavy Extra Long Cosplay Wig, but since it was out of stock, the problem was informed to me right away and was replaced by another wig immediately when I had told I wanted to replace the out of stock wig with the 22" Dark Pink Long Curly wig.
Since the 22" wig was cheaper than the 40" one, the total amount for the 3 wigs had changed, so the rest of the money was appropriately refunded back to me. Communication was great and went by smoothly!♥
The wigs are really soft and easy to comb through. I'm excited to start styling the cocoa wig!

•Con: None.

Final Grade: A+

Another awesome experience with EpicCosplay!
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