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Originally Posted by kiratsukai View Post
Read it again.

Only the recipient of the payment is charged in the transaction. Ie. the person paying the money doesn't foot the bill, the person getting it does. And yes, we pay fees for every single credit card and e-check transaction made.
I know, i know. But the person didn't get charged either, unless paypal lied. When you send money, it tells you the total price they're receiving too. I guess i didn't make it clear thats what i meant.


I scribbled over the names of the people. But yeah, it says no fee and it shows the total amount of money they received. And none of those payments were of my paypal balance: They were all from my credit card. So either my account is a freak of nature, or something is weird. Err... i think those both mean the same thing XD;;

And to clarify for sure: The $26 payment on there was for my girlfriend. And she got all $26 of it (she had used to buy something off eBay). So i know for sure that one there was no fee on either of our parts... and i had payed with a normal visa.
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