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Name of Commissioner: Loserific Commissions (Ashli)

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned: Miku Hatsune top, skirt,headphones,tie, armwarmers.
I wanted it to be like Pixiekitty's:

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Sorry for crappy pics, my camera sucks.

Timeline: September 6, placed order--- October 26, received in mail.

She said she could do a rush order- which was great. And it was a reasonable price for the outfit considering the materials used (all under $200 including rush fee ). I was also surprised when I got it because it fit perfectly. I was excited to see that she included little lights inside the headphones that makes them light up. There was lining inside the top and the triangle trim around the edges was perfect. I also like the fact that she put lace on the inside of the skirt like I requested, and that the sleeves have clear plastic-y stuff so I can slide in light panels.

A few un-straight sewing lines on arm warmers but nothing I couldn't fix myself. Its not even that noticeable unless you look close.
The thing that bothered me is that I paid for a rush order and it ended up being late. My due date for her was October 20th. There was little communication from her so I was getting worried, and then I just sent her an email saying if shes running late I abosoultely need it by the 25th. I would say to anyone ordering from any commissioner to order a head of time. And the designs weren't on the plastic on the sleeves, but she emailed me her design and I can do it myself.

While there are some mistakes- I really liked how the costume turned out, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a well made costume for a decent price.

Final Grade: A-

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