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Name of Commissioner: AkaneSaotome, (aka Black Moon Cosplay)

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned: A sailor moon wig, light blonde color. (613) This picture is on her website, showing a previous one she made.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: (coming soon- my camera decided to throw a fit)

Timeline: September 21, placed order--- October 26, received in mail.

Even though her timeline was only a month, this wig is very well made. It looks exactly like the pictures she has on her profile and the ones on her website. She even shipped a wig head and a wig cap along with it. I was very pleased with her customer service, and she was very friendly. When her supplies were running late, she told me she would get it to me as soon as she can, even if she has to work on it all night. And she shipped it express with no extra charge. It ended up coming a day late, but I don't believe it was her fault (more like the mail people). I was also pleased with her communication, she gave updates about once a week. The odangos are made very well and the curls are perfect. Oh- and this wig actually fits me! I have trouble getting wigs because I have a huge head. I had to do some tugging and stuffing and pinning, but it fit!!

None, except that my black hairline is hard to hide and my hair likes to come out when I am wearing a wig. But thats not her fault. Haha

I like touching the odangos. I better stop before I mess them up. The hair is so soft, and not like fake soft- its almost like its real hair.
I am definitely a returning customer, and look forward to getting more wigs from her.

Final Grade: A+
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