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Originally Posted by desertsphinx View Post
Okay, so Tutu is almost done! I have finished the bodice, even though I have to do wierd bendy tucks to fit it to my body and UGH I almost died. I think I may have to alter Kraehe's the same way too. *iz ded*

Okay, so having tackled those mountains, I find myself stumped at the final hurdle: how do I make her arm bands? (lol, I realised they do actually look like arms bands!)
Tutu arm puffs - Just make V wide cylinder shapes and make the top and bottom turnovers hollow - so you can then thread knicker elastic in the top and bottom hem should gather it all in automatically and go puffy. Tighten the elastic so it is just a snug fit on your arn. But don't overtighten so your arms circulation doesn't get cut off.
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