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Ezio (Assassin's Creed 2) - Entire outfit excluding weapons

Took about a month to make, shipping was only a few days (EMS)

(I'll try to post up pictures later if I remember)

I'll start with the bad, because this experience was completely horrendous. I strongly recommend to NOT order from here. A significant fact to note is that the pictures on the website are not what the final outfit is going to look like.
I ordered the outfit, thinking that it would look great because the pictures on the website were amazing. The people who emailed me were nice, but they are chinese sellers and don't speak english very well. After receiving the outfit, I was aghast at the severe lack of detail that the pictures showed. It was horrendously lacking in design. The pants were also the wrong size. In one instance, they replaced the shoulder belt with a mere cheap Mickey Mouse counterpart. It was very insulting.
I wanted to return the outfit at once, because it was nothing like the one advertised on the website, but their return policy stated that you cannot return outfits on the basis of pictures shown on the website or your opinion of the outfit. In other words, it was basically a scam. I emailed them furiously about this issue, but there was a severe communication issue as the person I was speaking to didn't understand english very well or something and misunderstood what I wanted.
In the end, I had to bring up a dispute with Paypal on the transaction to try and get my money back. But paypal was being retarded too, rejected my request on the basis that they only gave refunds if something went wrong with shipping and not on the quality of the piece (which is annoying because their dispute page specifically says that if there's a quality problem, they'll research it). So I had to call up my bank and explain to them that the payment was a fraud to get my money back.
If you are going to risk buying from them, I'd demand pictures, lots of pictures. And not just the ones on the website that lots of foreign sellers seem to misunderstand, but pictures of the costume that you are going to receive, so that when you do get it, it isn't a huge surprise like it was for me.
Another note, the website says ten days to tailor, 3-5 days to ship. It took a month for them to tailor. They gave me a specific date, which was about 2-3 weeks, for when they would be done, but even then they didn't finish, and told me it would take another week for them to finish.

I have to admit that as an outfit, and an outfit alone, it is put together well and the cloth are of good quality. As a cosplay and a fan of Assassin's Creed 2, the resemblance to Ezio is very lacking and so I'm very critical. For the price I paid, the material was good, but for the price I paid, the design was very lacking and so I feel like I was ripped off, hence why I went through so much trouble to get my money back.
Also shipping was very fast, only a few days, like it says on the website.

Grade: D+

I'm never buying from this place again though.
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