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This year, wasn't as fun as last year's NYAF, i remember how everyone would go up to each other, give a yaoi paddle smack on the butt, or hug random people wherever you go, and make you feel welcomed and warm. This year, i fainted in the back of the giant hall, because so many people were pushing and shoving to get to the manga, that i collapsed on my friend for 15 seconds. Management really needs to manage it better, for lack of better words. It was worse for me because i was holding a really hard-earned prop that could've broke. AND THIS WAS ON SUNDAY. I 'm glad i did not go there on saturday. It sucks for the people who really enjoys anime (which isn't me) because it didn't feel fair. The amount of people was nauseating, IF there was an emergency evacuation like at Otakon, people would've died, no one could've gotten out with the high amount of panicking, and everything would be a huge mess. Either find a larger Convention center or Separate the halls.
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