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I had another trial a couple of weekends ago I used about 1/3 paint 1/3liquiset 1/3 PA and had a few places where it came off- on my chest and near the edges of the collar (solid latex piece so quite soft but the edged were not rounded).

I spritzed liquiset several times to help the powder stick too. There are shades of blue and purple in the make up (so in essence super hot pink with some lilac to highlight) I also used liquiset on my brush for the make up shading, again it helped the powder shading to stick to the paint.

I added about another equal amount of PA and that seemed to make it extra super budge resistant. And I had to use Isopropyl Myristate to remove it. And baby wipes. It came off more easily the next day with a scrubbing glove, hot water and soap- i.e. in the shower rather than the sink at the convention.....

I do recommend the more balanced amount on the face though. It is much less likely to be bumped by enthusiastic crowds (sigh, I was glomped several times as Samara) and it does make it that little bit easier to remove. Less "OMG I think my face is being pulled in five directions" as it dries

Big fan of the stuff and I always use child safe acrylic. They are not meant to be ingested but are safe enough just in case. Though I'd never want to eat a whole tube.

So Thanks again cachalot for starting this thread and verdatum for the efforts to spread the word (I love the wiki and promoted it at the same event ).

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