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I thought there was a lot of nice programming, but I was positively dismayed by the congestion in the hallways. It was way too crowded, and navigating between events was awful, especially in costume. The Dealer Room and Artist Alley were crammed into spaces that weren't nearly adequate, for the shoppers or the artists. Snaking the line for main events through the hallways didn't help matters, either.

I expect the elevator situation to be poor at most conventions, but this one took the cake. And when the staffers started yelling at the "go up to go down" people, it really worsened the situation. Do you think I WANT to stay in a hot and smelly elevator for twenty minutes to go thirty floors? Of course not, but that's what everyone had to do.

I love YoumaCon and the Ren Cen *seemed* like an excellent choice, but I won't be returning until they change venues. Its a shame, because there are a lot of positives about this convention.
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