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Elevator issues aside (and there were a lot of them), I enjoyed the new venue. I didn't have to go outside all weekend and I like having everything I need being self contained. I can't see the elevator issue improving itself as the con grows larger though...

One issue I found was poor planning in having con-ops, gaming, registration, and dealer's hall all at the same general location of the con. These seem to be some of the biggest attractions for a con and having it bottle-neck in the same location didn't seem like a smart idea as it was difficult to move around that area.

Dealer's room seemed to be lacking a bit... I only found one table that had a small collection of manga and it seemed to be mostly mainstream stuff, none of the lesser known titles.

As usual, Rogue and Flexei did a fantastic job at running the cosplay department! I always make sure to compete at Youmacon since everything runs smoothly and I've personally never encountered any issues.

Personally, had another fantastic year and am already looking forward to the next one!
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