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Originally Posted by Chibik3r0 View Post
As usual, Rogue and Flexei did a fantastic job at running the cosplay department! I always make sure to compete at Youmacon since everything runs smoothly and I've personally never encountered any issues.
I just want to clarify this part. We don't officially have a cosplay department. All of the precon cosplay decisions are done by Rogue and me, as I'm in charge of the whole shebang. At con, I have her pretty much make things run smoothly as I'm too busy elsewhere, and I definitely do not want to minimize the amount of work etc that her and Flexie do at the convention. In fact all my cosplay staff does inordinate amounts of work at the convention every year and I want to thank them for doing so. When the masquerade time rolls around, I'm not in the green room too much with you guys, because I'm downstairs in main programming making sure you get your live video feed, and that the room is ready for you with everything you need. This is one of the bonuses to having a vice-conchair of a convention in charge, I can and do make sure we have the prime time slot and space, as well as do not start until we have everything as ready as we can for you guys.
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