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Originally Posted by Rin.Kagamine View Post
Hah, I'm repeating this.

Its the kind of thing where I have about 90% of the supplies, and the other 10% has yet to be found. And when I say found, I mean found in stores, and bought.

I just need to know what to do with my materials. Really, what are the gold rivets for? And why do I need veneer?

There is also another tutorial though, that I am using for the headphones. I cannot find paperclay (A.K.A fiber clay). I also can't find LED party balloon lights. (It's a mix of two tutorials. One has you using vinyl, paint, and LED lights for the inner D part on the headphones, and the other one has hologram paper. So I am doing mix of them. I wants lights. ;D ).
If you've actually bothered checking the original thread you posted a few topics down, you'd have noticed I've posted about the hairclips for Rin that you're looking for. And a video tutorial of making Vocaloid headset out of poster board paper.
It feels like you didn't even bother checking your other thread before asking in this topic again x:
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