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Well, this seems as good a place as any to ask this.

I've been pondering buying an Organization XIII coat, and found one commissioner whose work I love. They're kind of expensive but would be worth it, if they weren't booked up until June/July of next year. xD; So anyway, after browsing around a lot of pictures of a group I like, I found out their coats may have come from (or are at least similar to) the ones produced by Hello Cosplay. I've read all the reviews of Hello Cosplay on the "Commissioner Review Thread" and am happy they seem to be a good company, but I'd like some more details on the coat, specifically (hopefully from someone that owns one xD).

This is the coat I am considering: Organization XIII Coat - Big Zipper.

My main concern is the material. It looks a bit shiny in the first photograph, but looks almost perfect (to me) in the third photograph. So I'm curious, is it generally more shiny like the first photograph, or does it tend to lean toward the more "matte" finish of the last photographs?

Next concern is obviously comfort. Other than being warm (which I assume any Organization coat will be), is it comfy? Does it stick to you, especially if you sweat? Does it seem to move pretty easily with you, or does it prefer to fight your movement?

Third concern, and this is more of a general question, is shipping. I can't seem to find a way to calculate shipping costs without adding it to my cart, and I'm always paranoid about doing that. So if you ordered one of these coats semi-recently and happen to remember a ballpark figure of what you paid, I'd really appreciate it.

And I guess if you have any other pros/cons about the coat you'd like to share, I'd really appreciate that. Just sort of trying to gather intel about it before I spend the moolah. xD Anyway, thanks for reading this really long post. If you have any ideas/knowledge about these coats and/or my questions, I'd really appreciate hearing from you, whether as a post here or a PM. Sorry this was so long; I try to be detailed about these things so I don't waste people's time later by saying, "Oh, that's not what I meant. I meant [ x ]."

Anyway! Thanks again!

EDIT: I decided to purchase this coat, through this company. I'm extremely happy with it. Full details can be found in this review I posted. I figured I would update this post just in case anyone read past and wanted to know the same info I originally did. ^_^;
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