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Name of Merchant: Classe
Website: *Japan only
Items ordered: 100cm in Green06
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: here

Timeline (how long your order took to process): The order was placed through otamap and ran into some major trouble which caused a delay of nearly 1 month. Shipping was within Japan.

This was an order from another coscom member which I acted as a middleman for. The order was placed through Otamap, our usual cosplay shop portal.

It was ordered on it's own without any other items, meaning a 525 yen shipping charge was incurred :/ The final cost was 5,725 yen.

After 4 weeks with no word about the order, I emailed Otamap in Japanese to find out what was going down. They, naturally, blamed Classe... but somehow managed to have the wig ~right there~ to pop in the mail only seconds later. To me this reads: Otamap screwed up and forgot about the order until I reminded them ^^;;;

Oh well, they were apologetic enough and the wig was in my hands less than 24 hours after I asked them where the heck it was.

It arrived packed in a neato gift-looking box, wrapped in a wig net and stuffed with a good amount of firmly-packed tissue paper with Classe tags attatched. It also came with a free black wig cap, an extra hairnet and a heavy-duty plastic storage bag. Unlike the shorter style wigs I've gotten from Classe, this wig did not come with a plastic storage/carrying case.

Pros: The wig is well-packed, relatively untangled and exactly the color it was represented as on the website.

Cons: It took far too long (though likely otamap's fault, not Classe's) and doesn't have a super-convenient carrying case :/ Ah well.

Final Comments: This is my fourth Classe wig and the first I've ordered for another coscom customer. As it isn't for me, I can't really get it out and play with it, but it looks pretty consistant in quality with the other wigs I've gotten from them.

Final Grade: 9 for the wig/packaging (case > box), 5 for the service (though I suppose that 5 ought to go to Otamap)
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