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it was alright. Felt like the anime booths were nonexistent; never found them except for FUNi and Bandai [and others right near it]. Hated how there was no sign as to where the autograph line starts *coughcrispinfreemancough*. & had a hard time finding some panels and there was no map to that floor; there was only dealers. where was the info on autograph sessions in the program? I asked and the staff just gave a program and led me to a line that led to the entrance of the con. I was thinking,''um, I'm already holding a program, I don't need another one.'' Same thing with another con goer, so I know it's not just me. Saturday amazed me; it was a holy crack crowded. I mean, I knew it was a Sat., but still. Fri. was less crowded and had more stuff to give away.

There was no prob with the con goers for me.

...think that's it. Comic Con, love you, but stop squishing NYAF.
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