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I don't really think satin is proper for Princess Serentiy. I think a flowy cotton (very light weight version) would be nicer and then a thin layer of chiffon or something that's just very airy and light.
But if you want satin, I would go with bridal satin. It's a good weight and I hear it doesn't wrinkle as much.

Also progress update!

Worked on Small Lady again today. :}
Fixed up the bottom layer skirt and made my back bow. Now I just need to make the top layer with my chiffon and buy beads and attach it all together. The bottom layer of the skirt is now hemmed better and even, and it doesn't show the pleating tracks up top. (I don't have photos, sorry)

Chiffon is such a flimsy fabric that I really don't like working with it, and even ironing doesn't help too much. So Small Lady is slowly coming along.
Also, need to start on Sailor Moon! I already have my fabric, gloves, and need to buy foam for the rolls and some lycra/swim material, and a leotard. To get started. (Leotard being the key portion so I can get accurate measurements). I also am planning on getting my brooch/choker/hair gems commissioned by the same person. :}

@Fabulousity, great job on your bows and gloves.
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