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Originally Posted by Man in Red Hat View Post
Well, I don't know if you are on the youma forums, but this has been talked about extensively. With the size of Youmacon as it is (over 8k attendees this year), there is no where else to go in all of Michigan that is bigger and has connecting hotels (i.e. open 24/7 throughout the night). The Hyatt (aka the Fire Marshall), which I really enjoyed last year, would have shut the whole con down with the number of people this year.

So simply put, unless there is a new place built in Michigan, Youmacon is undoubtedly stuck there for a long time, unless it decides to move out of Michigan. Again, I'm not staff or anything, and this is all heresay, but many staffers on the official forums have said as much. Also, I think there is a contract for at least a couple more years at the Ren Center.
If that is the case (and I don't doubt your word) I hope that the convention staff is rethinking their layouts and considering a cap on admission. I think it ultimately comes down to utilizing only three relatively small floors, and that results in huge congregations of people.

I feel YoumaCon's pain because I'm part of a convention that is outgrowing all available venues as well. A lot of folks didn't have any problems with the congestion, so its just a personal gripe of mine. It IS possible that I won't be returning to Youma, at least for a year or two, but that's okay because I live in Ohio, home of the mid-sized anime con ^_^
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