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Well, from what is being said on the forums, the reason that everything was so congested was because the hotel people didn't give them a choice on where things would go. They simply were like 'Registration will be here, no matter what' and did not particularly believe the Youmacon staff about how many people would be attending. This is why everything was a cluster and congested.

The staff did say they got to talk to Mr. Marriot himself (who was there apparently) and he assured them that next year would be different (or something to that effect). It would be safe to assume that next year the hotel management will give more leeway to the staff since they have seen first hand how crazy it is. And that will lead to less congestion, better use of space, etc etc.

Once again this is all heresay but the official feedback thread on the Youmacon forums is almost 30 pages now and the staff have said things in it many times.

There simply is no good way to deal with the elevator situation though. That is going to happen when you have a low rise with 40 floors and a high rise with 75 floors and only like six elevators. Luckily I was on 10 and never once used the elevator until check out when I needed a bellhop with a cart. Many people are giving suggestions but I personally think the best thing to do is have Youmacon or hotel staff run the elevators, making sure people dont ride up to go down, throw parties in the elevators (or ride for fun), and give handicap people/elderly/etc people priority. But I don't know if it's even feasible. I know I would have been never in my room if I was above the fifteenth floor or so.

I go to Ohayocon every year as well (if that is the other con you are mentioning, I am between both cons by being near Toledo, OH), and I enjoy it.
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