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Name of Commissioner: Loserific Commissions (Ashli)
Website/ gallery:
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Hogwarts uniform skirt for my Hermione costume.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): I commissioned her Aug 7, received my item exactly one month later on September 7.
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: This was my first commission so I was pretty green. Ashli was really helpful in explaining the process/timeline and also providing help with the measurements. Unfortunately, I must have measured something wrong because the finished skirt was waaaay too big and fell right off of me! I was able to have the local dressmaker take it in and she did a wonderful job -- you can't even tell it's been altered -- and so it worked out in the end. Ashli also got the colormatch for the fabric down pretty well, considering I didn't yet have the sweater to photograph/send as a reference for matching. Communication was more frequent in the earlier stages, but she told me she had been swamped with orders and I was hesitant to message her too much for updates (don't want to interrupt the ~art~ you know). I did have to wait several days for pictures once it was complete which was torture LOL. I didn't get the pictures until she'd already shipped, and I think if I'd maybe been able to see some pics in progress or at least before she'd sent, I would have clued in that "wow, that looks kind of big even on the mannequin..." and would have double-checked the measurements I sent or something.
Final Grade: B+, it was a fun first commission experience and a learning experience but I think next time I would be more confident in asking what I expected as far as communication, updates, progress pics etc etc. I would definitely hire Ashli again.
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