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Wig 10 Maker Color and Feel Comparison Catalog: Dark Red

Choosing a wig is enough to stress just about anyone out. Making the selection process even more difficult is the subtle difference in color and texture between each maker. We'll show you several different brands' colors side by side.

Dark Red
"Dark red" is a saturated red in the range of wine to brick. Pay particular attention to the sheen and deepness when choosing a color.

heat resistant "wine red"
heart resistant military medi
4,935 yen

This wig is heat-resistant, so it can be heat-set before cutting for best results.

"wine red"
heart resistant shaggy straight
4,800 yen

A deep, dark red. We recommend it to those looking for a flashy wig with lots of lustre. It has a low fibre count, so it should only be used for simple-cuts and as-is wear.

"brick red"
medium straight F
6,195 yen

Red the color of brick. This is a more muted color nearer to th range of browns. It has a high fibre count throughout the wig.

"wine red 118"
medium z
5,980 yen

An ever-so-slightly lighter wine red. It's aimed at customers looking for a more natural, matte sheen. It has a high fibre count, so it can be cut and styled in a variety of ways.

"red 15"
straight 45cm
4,200 yen

A deep, saturated brick red. It's manufactured with a central rooting style that gives the hair a tendency to wave. We recommend using a blow dryer or hot iron to straighten the hair before cutting or styling.

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