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Originally Posted by rinya View Post

Laumeier Sculpture Park, Sunset Hills: Gorgeous park filled with a variety of modern sculptures, some of which you can climb on, which would make for some interesting photos. There are also wooded areas and sculptures tucked away from the main complex. And it's completely free.
I LOVE Laumeier. We've done our share of shoots there.
Before I knew how to spell it:
And they have this cool place that looks very Japanese with a bunch of wooden structures:

Also, Creve Couer Park up north of St. Louis for anyone who needs a jungle. The place is crawling with huge vines that you can climb way up into the trees. It looks very much like Tselinoyarsk, the "jungle" in southern Russia that was created for Metal Gear Solid 3. We're doing our second MGS shoot there this weekend. Love that place.
Here are some pictures taken there:
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