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Originally Posted by LoyanteKittay(3 View Post
lolly are you going to post pic of your snow miku in the future? I'd love to see
LOL yes, but tbh I actually don't have any pics yet >_< But I'm going to another con in a month so I plan to improve my costume, including light up headphones n_n I'm using the one with the paperclay + balloon lights... there's a store that sells light up stuff 15 minutes away and they sell them so I plan on getting that... No paperclay, but I'm using paper mache to make the actual headphones (well for filling in anyway) And they sell vinyl at my newsagent n_n
I plan on improving the boots, tie, headphones and hairpieces, along with making my wig a bit better XD
Speaking of the wig, how do you keep yours untangled?
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